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There are many ways to enjoy birds and birding right in your own backyard. The following links and tips are very helpful and full of information:

  • Setting up a feeding station is a great way to observe birds from the comfort of your own home. Bird feeders can be purchased just about anywhere in a variety of styles. one of the most important aspects of a feeding station is keeping it clean and safe for our birds. Learn about cleaning your feeders here. 

  • Hummingbirds are a favorite of many birders and setting up feeders is a great way to learn about these avian gems. clean feeders and the right kind of nectar are essential to the healthy of these delicate summer visitors. Follow this link for the Audubon recipe for nectar. 

  • During the cooler months, putting suet butter out for birds not only provides them with needed protein, it also brings unique viewing opportunities. Suet cakes can be purchased at most stores but this recipe for homemade suet butter really attracts a wide assortment of birds.  

       A handmade log with butter holes is the perfect feeder for          this recipe. 

Brown Creeper
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